Our Services


Various sizes and filters.

Video Clips
Various formats, frame rates and filters.

Infrastructure: Towers, Masts, Wind Turbines.

Live Broadcasts
Subject to mobile phone coverage.

Interdictions & Interceptions
eg Marina patrols.


Drone Team Building
Indoor (warehouse) and outdoor Board & C-Suite training & brainstorming exercises.

Drone Training
Formal & practical in-depth training.

Crowd Counting
using special people-recognition software.

Wildlife Counting
including shark spotting.

Post Flight

Image & Video Post-Processing
if necessary.

Video Production
Titles, voice-overs, music selection, editing and effects.

360° Panoramas
Post-flight splicing and loading to platforms.

Creating 3D models from 2D aerial photos.


Drone Acquisition
Platform-agnostic fleet advice.

Penetration Testing
Simulate civilian drone 'attacks' on secure sites.

Anti-Drone Technologies
White papers on how to counter drone threats.

Corporate Drone Consulting
including 'Management By Flying Around, legal industrial espionage, industry-specific drone business opportunities.